Mt. Newton Grown

Our 6-acre flower farm focuses on growing Sunflowers, Delphiniums and over 20 different varieties of Dahlias. The assortment is rounded out with Astrantia, Ranunculus and Lavender..

The farm is unique in that it has several different weather zones and micro-climates. We grow flowers best suited for the environments that we have right here.

Only organic methods are implemented to grow our flowers and chemical pesticides are never used.  Our own organic compost, produced on site, feeds our fields. And we use predatory insects to manage pests – we pride ourselves in doing our best to cause no harm to Mother Nature.

Our flower field team and the lead farmer make sure the flowers are at top of freshness before harvesting. When ready to harvest, the Flower team cut, pack and ship daily to ensure the highest quality of flowers are received by our customers to enjoy.

We are proud of what we grow and how we grow it. At Mt Newton Floral, we provide the most fresh, highest quality of flowers to our customers, the florists.